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How The Justice League Probably Will Be Introduced In Batman V Superman

It’s been made clear over the last several years that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is more than just the first live-action pairing of the World’s Finest duo. Although Man of Steel set up the DC Extended Universe, the upcoming 2016 blockbuster is basically kicking it into full swing. One of the ways Batman V Superman is doing this is by laying the foundation for the Justice League. Wonder Woman, the third member of the DC Trinity, is set to play a key role, and now there’s a new report providing details on how some of the other Justice League members might be introduced.

As we already know, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are confirmed to appear as Aquaman and Cyborg respectively in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Latino-Review reports that Lex Luthor will bring Aquaman “into the proceedings,” while Cyborg will be featured in a “cameo introduction.” Then there’s the Flash, who will be played by Ezra Miller. Rather than be seen in the red and yellow suit, LR states that the Scarlet Speedster will only show up as a blur (as noted in numerous other reports), while Miller’s Barry Allen will briefly appear out of costume, though they admit that the latter scene may end up getting cut.

That leaves only one founding member of the Justice League left: Green Lantern. Unfortunately for fans of the Emerald Knight, he won’t show up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with his introduction being pushed to a later film. It seems likely that this movie will be either Justice League: Part One or Justice League: Part Two. However, despite the recent report about 2020’s Green Lantern Corps featuring both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, it still hasn’t been made clear which of them will join the superhero team, or if it might even be both of them.

Because Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s main heroes, the other Justice Leaguers are simply being included so that the audience will remember them later down the line. Aquaman was previously reported to appear via security footage trapped in some kind of containment chamber, but if Luthor plays a hand in bringing him in, then perhaps he’ll be able to unleash his Atlantean fury unimpeded. In Cyborg’s case, no details have been provided on how he gets involved, though given how the DCEU is partly inspired by the New 52 comics, he may not have his powers quite yet. As for Flash, appearing in the blink of an eye is par for the course, though if Miller ends up being fully seen some moviegoers may be confused as to why the speedster is different than the one they’ve seen on the small screen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016, but the true team-up between all these heroes will take place when Justice League: Part One is released on November 17, 2017.

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