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When Darren Aronofsky walked away from the Wolverine movie he planned to shoot with his Fountain collaborator Hugh Jackman, the director cited travel as his primary reason, mentioning in a statement that the production “would keep [him] out of the country for almost a year” and that he “was not comfortable being away from [his] family for that length of time.” Because it had been revealed that the story would cover Logan’s legendary exploits in Japan, most thought Aronofsky meant the land of the rising sun when he said “out of the country” when, in fact, he might have just meant Canada.

In a piece laundry-listing the productions and talent who have filmed in British Columbia this year, the Vancouver Sun reveals that Hugh Jackman will set up shop at the Canadian Motion Picture Park in Burnaby for several months to shoot what the newspaper is calling Wolverine 2. The article quickly scurries away from any Wolverine news, preferring instead to tick off the films that either are filming at the facility now (Elysium, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3) or will be filming there shortly (Man of Steel, Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep). Which means we are left with a bag full of questions.

Is the title The Wolverine dead? Is Vancouver simply standing in for Japan as the island nation continues to recover from the tsunamis that ravaged the area earlier this year? Are the producers steering away from Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay, which adapted the famous Frank Miller storyline that was set in Japan and centered around Wolverine’s battle with the Silver Samurai? Is director James Mangold still on board? And if not, would Aronofsky reconsider now that this Wolverine film’s only going to be in Canada?

Needless to say, we're short on answers. But we do know that Jackman’s in Vancouver, that a Wolverine movie’s about to enter production, and that a 2012 release date is being eyed.