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Insurgent Super Bowl Commercial Is Super Trippy And Thrilling

Ahead of Sunday's big game, the new Insurgent Super Bowl trailer has dropped online, featuring the return of Shailene Woodley as Portia de Rossi. (No, we're just kidding, but you can't help make the comparison given her new haircut.) As expected, the new footage is a total mind-bender, as Tris crashes through a glass wall to tackle Jeanine (Kate Winslet). But she quickly falls down a trippy rabbit hole and free falls towards the city. Check it out!

MTV News debuted the latest Insurgent trailer, which will also air during the Super Bowl this Sunday. While it doesn't do well to reveal any more plot details, it'll no doubt rile up the fans of this popular franchise. We also can’t help but draw some Matrix comparisons here. Aside from the insane amount of CGI that’s happening here, the footage totes a slug that says, "She Is The One." Hopefully Tris knows by now that there is no glass.

After the events of Divergent, Tris (Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are ready to kick some Erudite ass! Now on the run from the government, run by the power-hungry Erudite faction, the lovesick warriors are joined by the few Dauntless members who escaped with them, including Miles Teller’s man-you-love-to-hate Peter. Their next mission is to figure out exactly what Tris’ parents sacrificed themselves to protect and why Jeanine and Erudite wants it so bad. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen from this Super Bowl trailer, as well as previous footage, she finds herself a captive once again and injected with that mind-warping drug that she knows all so well.

Earlier this week, we’ve been seeing a slew of posters featuring all the return of various characters, such as Tori (Nikita’s Maggie Q) and Christina (X-Men: First Class’ Zoe Kravitz), as well as a few new faces. Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts, for one, will feature as Evelyn, leader of the Factionless and the mother of Four. In addition, Octavia Spencer will play Johanna, leader of Amity, which is the faction of peace and kindness.

Insurgent poster Naomi Watts

Studios always shell out the big bucks to secure spots during Super Bowl Sunday, and we had already presumed Insurgent would be featured in some capacity. As one of the biggest young-adult properties out there now, arguably just as big and popular as The Hunger Games, Lionsgate is making major pushes to whip up hype before Insurgent premieres in theaters on March 20.