This Interstellar Contest Has The Greatest Prize Imaginable

Space was once considered "the final frontier," but as time passed after our initial forays to the Moon, we stopped looking up as much as we used to. It's sad to consider science fiction used to depict us traveling into space as a leisure activity by this point in our history, and now Interstellar has our future spelled out as a society that barely even gives the thought the time of day. However, if you're one of those dreamers who can't stop gazing at the stars, longing to be among them in all of their splendor, you have two choices: either pony up $100,000 for the experience, airfare, and transportation; or enter the contest we're about to give you the details on.

Fandango (opens in new tab) is giving away entries to win one of those $100,000 trips into space, courtesy of Paramount, XCOR Aerospace, and Motherboard. All you have to do is fill out an entry form online, or purchase a ticket to see Interstellar through the Fandango site or app; and you're entered. Of course, if you win, you'll have to undergo physical exams, sign some wavers, and train up for your trip to space at XCOR's facility. After all, it's not like you can just go up to space like it's nothing. Your chariot to the stars will be the spacecraft dubbed, "Lynx Mark II," a ship that's still being assembled as we speak. Your trip, should you win, will take place on a date to be determined in 2017; so make your plans for Thor: Ragnarok accordingly.

So why is Fandango aiming to send one of its lucky fans outside of the planet's atmosphere? Adam Rockmore, the company's VP of Marketing, had a couple of things to say to explain just why they're embarking on this opportunity.

"We’re always looking for innovative ways to add value to our Fandango movie ticket for consumers, whether it’s gifts-with-purchase, bundling packages or high-end sweepstakes. The INTERSTELLAR trip is clearly the coolest prize we’ve ever given to a moviegoer in the fourteen years of our company. There is certainly no bigger and better way to celebrate a movie event like ‘INTERSTELLAR’ than to send one of our moviegoers on a life-changing journey to space."

If you needed a better incentive to pre purchase your Interstellar tickets through Fandango, you can't get any better than an actual trip to space. It might not be a trip with Matthew McConaughey or Anne Hathaway aboard, but it's still pretty cool to be able to say that you slipped the surly bonds of this great Earth, and touched the faces of the gods. You know, if you're in to the whole exploration of parts unknown thing.

If you'd rather stay grounded, but feel like you're going to space, then Interstellar can take you to another world on November 7th.

Mike Reyes
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