Step Into The World Of Interstellar With This Incredibly Immersive Experience

The world of Interstellar space program is a far off possibility that's set in an undetermined time in our future. While humanity still looks to the stars and wonders what's out there, the daring mission of traveling through a wormhole and finding a new and completely alien surrounding is something that, at this time, purely exists in the realm of science fiction. However, just because it's a far flung fiction doesn't mean you can't experience the future today.

Variety reported yesterday that Paramount and Warner Bros are teaming up with Occulus Rift to bring audiences an advanced, immersive look at the world of Interstellar, specifically a tour of the film's central spacecraft, the "Endurance." Starting today in New York City, and carrying through to the end of November, the Interstellar exhibit will travel across the country and stop in Houston next, followed by Los Angeles at the end of the month, and taking a sort of temporary residency at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center in November. Take a look at a screen shot of a tunnel on the Endurance spacecraft.

Endurance Tunnel

As if looking into the world of Interstellar wasn't enough, participants will allegedly be able to experience zero gravity in the simulation, which is starting to sound similar to the Pacific Rim experience that we reported on earlier from San Diego Comic Con. The even more exciting part about this exhibit is that on top of all of the impressive trailers Paramount and Warner Bros have been releasing for Interstellar, the studio partners are taking another step into the future of film promotion.

It wouldn't be surprising to see this sort of tactic catch on, with interactive kiosks being set up in theaters nationwide. When the Oculus Rift becomes more of a mass produced device, you can bet that theaters and shopping malls with have these babies set up, much like Sony did when they rolled out the Playstation in 1995. For now though, the Interstellar experience is an exclusive event, and can be enjoyed at the following venues between the hours of 11 AM and 11 PM:

Oct. 6-8: New York, AMC Lincoln Square 13

Oct. 17-19: Houston, AMC Gulf Pointe 30

Oct. 25-27: Los Angeles, AMC City Walk

Nov. 5-19: Chantilly, VA, Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center

Interstellar Kiosk Wide

While the Interstellar experience is limited, it proves to be another one of those exciting opportunities that melds futuristic technology with good old fashioned thrills and spills. Coincidentally enough, that's exactly what Christopher Nolan delivers in his films, particularly with their usage of celluloid as their premium medium of exhibition. It will be interesting to read reports on just what's been seen in the Interstellar Oculus Rift experience, and if any sort of surprises will pop up in the spacecraft. After all, there are quite a couple of scenes with the Endurance in crisis in the trailer, so why wouldn't there be some sort of curve ball to throw to the audience?

Interstellar goes through the wormhole on November 5th in select markets, and opens wide on November 7th.

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