The Full Interstellar Trailer Is Flat Out Incredible And Has To Be Watched

Holy choose-your-favorite-expletive here, Christopher Nolan has done it again. When I heard that he showed up at Comic Con last week and showed off this beautiful trailer, I'd heard some pretty big noise about just how good this trailer was. So the moment I saw the new Interstellar trailer online, I had to find the nearest, darkest space and replicate the perfect atmosphere to watch a trailer about space, love, and redemption for the human race. I suggest you do the same, click the play button above, and come back right after for some thoughts.

Thanks to IndieWire for having that trailer up at the speed of light, which is exactly how fast my mind is going after watching that trailer. We previously gamed out that Interstellar was, above all else, about Cooper, a man (Matthew McConaughey) trying to save his family – as well as the rest of the world – from starvation and other climate change side effects. To do this, he must work with a crew sent by Michael Caine to colonize a hospitable planet that's beyond the reaches of our galaxy. Unfortunately, hard science kicks in, and Cooper realizes that he's going to be gone for a LONG while, possibly a lifetime.

The new trailer to Interstellar delivers the patented Nolan 1-2 punch of emotional depth and science fiction wonder. The images shown in this trailer promise a heroic expedition of scientific importance, as well as personal stakes. Anne Hathaway and David Oyelowo look to be a couple of crew members who might be having some problems at home themselves, and perhaps see McConaughey's struggle as inspiration to kiss and make up. Wes Bentley looks to be the moral center of the mission, making sure that humanity's best interests are served without forgetting exactly why we're out there in the first place. Quite simply, the main thrust of Interstellar isn't the fact that we're traveling to space on a wing and a prayer. It's that we're going far beyond the known frontier in the hopes that we can still save our species. This is what science fiction does when it's at its peak, and that's exactly where Christopher Nolan looks like he's at right now.

Interstellar blasts into theaters on November 7th, but this trailer should be attached to Guardians Of The Galaxy this weekend. If it's not attached to your local IMAX theater's trailer reel, I suggest a revolt of civil disobedience. This is the trailer you're going to be talking about on Monday, and it'd be a shame to be left out of seeing this on the biggest screen possible. It looks like I was wrong about the previous trailer after all... this is the trailer of the year.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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