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Iron Man 3 Silver Centurion

With each new Iron Man movie we've been introduced to a bunch of different versions of Tony Stark's armor. We've seen the Mark I suit that the hero built while in a cave in Afghanistan; the suitcase suit that Tony uses to battle Whiplash during the Circuit de Monaco; the bracelet-controlled version used during the Battle of New York...the list goes on and on. But in Iron Man 3 there's going to be many, many more. As seen in the most recent theatrical trailer, Tony has spent a lot of time since the events in The Avengers just building new versions of his superhero armor. And now some of those designs are starting to be revealed.

The Iron Man Facebook page has begun a new "Unlock The Armors" campaign where fans can reveal some of the new costume designs by answering Iron Man related questions. Today both California and Canada (via Screen Rant) have successfully given the most correct answers, and have revealed both the Silver Centurion (Mark XXXIII) and Shotgun (Mark XL) suits. Check them out above and below!

Iron Man 3 Shotgun

Considering that The Avengers ended with Tony using the Mark VII armor and we know that the cool looking gold design is Mark XLVII, there are still many, many more to be revealed. It's also worth mentioning that answering questions correctly on the Facebook page will also give you the chance to enter a contest to win tickets to the Iron Man 3 premiere in Los Angeles, so head over there for your chance to win!