Iron Man might transition to Iron MEN if the final poster for Shane Black’s upcoming sequel is any indication.

The one-sheet has been shared on Yahoo Movies, with the promise of a final trailer dropping on Tuesday, March 5. Here’s the latest, stunning image of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) readying for battle. And this time, he’s not so alone:

There have been rumors about the ending of Iron Man 3 that have been floating around for some time, and seem to be confirmed by this poster. Stop reading if you do not want to hear this! Really, stop now.

Still here? There’s a theory that Stark, once able to “mentally” control all of his armored suits thanks to the serum he injects into his system (read the Extremis storyline of the Iron Man comics to better understand how this works), will use several Iron Man suits at the same time in a climactic battle, possibly with The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley). Could this be what the image in the final poster alludes to, with Stark surrounded by flying versions of the Iron Man suit, looking ready for combat?

That might be explained in the final trailer, which – I think – has to show us a better shot of Mandarin in action, because all we’ve seen to date is Kingsley on his throne. Will Mandarin be much of a physical threat for Tony? Is he a mastermind simply pulling strings from behind the scenes? Or will Iron Man finally go toe-to-toe against his nemesis on the big screen … with a hundred Iron Man armors backing him up for military support? Find out when Iron Man 3 opens everywhere on May 3.

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