Ivan Reitman's Draft Day Finalizes Casting And Begins Production On Eve Of NFL Draft

The casting news for Ivan Reitman’s upcoming football-themed comedy Draft Day has been coming fast and furious this month thanks to a deadline that most films aren’t tethered to. Due to the film’s subject matter, Reitman will be filming at the 2013 NFL Draft (opens in new tab), which starts tomorrow, on April 25. Production began today in New York.

With most of the lead roles filled already, a forty yard dash was made to fill in all of the smaller roles, and Summit Entertainment and OddLot Entertainment issued a press release today announcing that a chock-full of actors have been added to the cast. The more exciting names on that list include NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews, who adds badassery to any film he’s in, and Josh Pence, who is probably best known for playing Tyler Winklevoss in David Fincher’s The Social Network (albeit without his own face). Sean Combs will also be adding his sunglasses-wearing acting skills to the project, and Rosanna Arquette is also in the picture as Kevin Costner's ex wife. And while I expected more actual football players to be making an appearance in the movie, the Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster is the only one on the list.

The rest of the cast of this highly-recognizable ensemble includes David Ramsey (Arrow), Wade Williams (Prison Break), Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies), W. Earl Brown (Rogue), Brad Henke (Justified), Griffin Newman (Political Animals), Kevin Dunn (Luck), Pat Healy (The Innkeepers), Wallace Langham (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Christopher Cousins (Breaking Bad) and Patrick St. Esprit (Sons of Anarchy).

They’ll be filling the world and war room of Draft Day, which will see Costner play the GM of the hapless Cleveland Browns, who is solely interested in securing a number one pick in the draft. Frank Langella will play the Browns’ owner, Jennifer Garner will be Costner’s secretary, and Ellen Burstyn will play Costner’s mother. Veep’s Timothy Simons and 42’s Chad Boseman are also starring.

If you’re one of those that will be watching the draft, keep an eye out for Reitman or any of these actors. It’ll almost be like you’re watching the movie itself.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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