James Bond Will Head To These Three Countries In Bond 24

In every James Bond movie, there are always a couple of exotic locations that 007 whisks away to. After all, international security can't be completely served if you're just sitting at a desk filing paperwork in England - at least not the type of international security Bond handles. Shooting locations are important to any Bond film because not only does this give us some sort of hint as to where the threat facing the world is coming from, it also hints at the usually amazing set pieces that a good James Bond adventure is based around. Judging by the newest locations mentioned for Bond 24's upcoming December shoot, the franchise will continue to kick ass in locations of varying beauty and climate.

The prolific 007 fan site, MI6 has the scoop on the three locations that are going to be used in Bond 24, as well as the new official shooting date. Originally the film was set to start filming on November 6th, but delays involving rewrites and scheduling conflicts have pushed the film back by exactly a month to December 6th.

When Bond 24 does start filming, it will have the pleasure of starting in one of four places: its usual studio space on the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios in England could be the perfect launching point, provided they're starting with some interiors or MI6 office politics. Or, if they're ready to start the show with something a little more adventurous and open, they could be beginning Bond 24's production adventure in either Austria, Rome (which is rumored to involve one of the film's car chases,) or Morocco. Out of these three locations, Rome is the newbie of the bunch, as the Bond franchise has never filmed there before. But if Austria and Morocco are any indication of what type of Bond film this could be, we could be in for a very special treat.

While Austria on its own was last used in the subpar but still interesting Quantum Of Solace, that location was also used in the vastly underrated The Living Daylights - as was Morocco. Now this is far from an indicator of quality, but it's nice to know that two locations from one of the better Bond films are being used for Bond 24. Also interesting is the fact that Austria seems to be replacing Norway, as that location was initially on the itinerary but was swapped for an Austrian shoot. The fact that the report also mention's a minor role for Scandinavian actresses suggests that Bond will be warming up icier climates once again.

We're heading into the home stretch of pre-production for Bond 24 as everything from villains to title theme singers are being talked about (and possibly locked in as you read this). It's been almost two years since Sam Mendes and company blew the doors off with Skyfall, and it's going to be an absolute pleasure to find out who else is rounding out the cast of the 24th adventure in the James Bond canon.

Bond 24 begins shooting on December 6th, so keep an eye out for further reports on casting and musical matters.

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