Jemaine Clement In First-Look Photo As Men In Black 3 Baddie

Jemaine Clement in Legion
(Image credit: FX)

Flight of the Conchords co-lead Jemaine Clement reveals his diabolical side this summer playing Boris, the villain tormenting Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the third Men In Black film. Today, we get our first look at Clement in costume, and he looks like an extra from Dennis Hopper’s seminal Easy Rider. See for yourself (courtesy of The New Zealand Herald):

If you didn’t know, Barry Sonnenfeld’s latest MIB sends Smith back in time to the 1960s, where he interacts with a young version of Jones’ Agent K (played by Josh Brolin). Watch the trailer if you haven’t yet.

As for Boris, Clement promises that he’ll look “hideous” once the proper prosthetics are applied to bring out his inner alien. He also joked that for once in his career, he has discovered a character that allows him to dwell on his inner demon. "I'm 90 percent evil in real life," Clement told the Herald. "It's hard to be nice most of the time when I'm only 10 percent good."

Let’s hope Men In Black III is a hell of a lot more than 10% good, because the reported budget on the sequel hovers around $275 million, and so it will make back a small fortune to break even. The first two films did very well, earning $250M and $190M, respectively. But it has been 9 years since Smith and Jones donned the familiar black sunglasses. Will a new generation of moviegoers care? Or can the time-travel device win back fans who were less-than-impressed with the second installment? We’ll find out on May 25, when Sony opens the newest Men In Black adventure everywhere.

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