Jenna Fischer And Rita Wilson Join Jeff Probst Helmed Kiss Me

I can’t be alone in finding it amusingly fitting that Jeff Probst’ upcoming directing endeavor should be for a script penned by a Lost writer. And yet, from the sound of it, the film has nothing to do with islands. Two more have been added to the cast of Kiss Me, one of whom is also no stranger to television, while the other has appeared on the small screen recently, but is better known for her film work.

Written by Sarnoff and directed by Probst, Kiss Me is described as a coming-of-age drama that follows a teen named Zoe (Sarah Bolger), a girl who’s stuck in a back brace due to scoliosis, and who forms a relationship with a married man, whose kids she babysits. John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sex and the City) is set to play the married man. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Fischer has been brought on board to play his wife, “whose kindly attitude toward Zoe changes when she discovers a relationship between the girl and her husband.”

Meanwhile, Rita Wilson will play the girl’s mother, “who parents with tough love, ultimately pushing the girl to seek affection elsewhere.” Steven Weber plays Zoe’s father.

I can’t help but draw a connection between Wilson and Corbett, as Wilson was among the producers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding through her husband’s production company Playtone. Her recent roles include a multiple episodes of The Good Wife. While I have no doubt that she can play a tough-love mom, my favorite performance of hers is from Sleepless in Seattle when she played Hanks’ kind and hilariously emotional sister. The scene when she describes the plot of An Affair to Remember is priceless.

Meanwhile, it’s great to see Fischer adding another film to her upcoming projects. After having a baby last fall, the actress took temporary leave from The Office, but if you’re caught up on the series through last night’s episode, you know that Pam is back from her own maternity leave, and it looks like Fischer is getting back to TV and movies.

Kelly West
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