Jennifer Aniston Bares It All

Celebrity nudity has become the new marketing ploy of choice for any studio with a well-known starlet in their film. For instance last week we all saw that “leaked” footage from Basic Instinct 2 which was anything but leaked. It was a softcore advertisement for the film masking itself as something you weren’t supposed to see.

Now Jennifer Aniston’s next movie The Break-Up seems to be going that route. The “big” news from is that Aniston will do her first nude scene in the War of the Roses-ish comedy. They describe the scene in question as her wandering around an apartment totally naked. I’m not buying it.

Instead, it’s probably Vanity Fair naked. You know, the kind of naked where you don’t actually see any thing beyond the small of her back or the top of her shoulders. Maybe they throw in some side-boobage. Ok, technically the character is naked, but you’re not going to see it. Implied nudity. She’ll be nude in theory, but no way Jennifer Aniston is getting naked for a throwaway comedy like The Break-Up, a movie which by the way I fully expect to end up as PG-13.

This is a marketing ploy and nothing more. Just like when a magazine proclaims: “Lindsay Lohan naked!” and instead delivers Lindsay Lohan with strategically placed objects covering her full-frontal qualities. That’s not naked. And yes, oral sex qualifies as sex.

But this is going to get people excited and suddenly, The Break-Up just became the most anticipated movie of the year on the lists of slavering, movie-going men. I really hope I’m wrong, but odds are here that this is another lowest common denominator tease. Don’t be fooled.

To Universal Pictures: You don’t need to resort to this. The movie looks funny, the buzz is good, and you’ve got two of the hottest comedy stars on the planet in it. We’re already interested. Stay away from this sort of advertising and keep your dignity intact.

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