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Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique Is Ready To Kill In New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Stills

It’s been nearly four months since the release of the first trailer for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and all fans want to see is a new one, but instead all we’ve been seeing recently has been stills and magazine covers. Hopefully the drought will soon come to an end, but for now we have a brand new set of images, courtesy of SlashFilm (head over there to see all of the shots in super high-res).

The image you see up top has plenty of bizarre elements inside it, as it appears to take place inside Quicksilver’s (Evan Peters) fully decked-out man cave, but the two most significant are the appearances of both Professor X (James McAvoy) and Beast (Nicholas Hoult). The end of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class left these two characters paralyzed and covered in blue fuzz, respectively, but something has happened to fix both of them. As for what they’re wearing, just blame that on ‘70s fashion.

What makes the last three images interesting is that it’s possible they all take place during the same scene. First we have a shot of Peter Dinklage’s Bolivar Trask at what appears to be some kind of event that has been turned into a warzone. Take notice of the flag-themed backdrop:

Next there’s this shot of Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and the patriotic backdrop is exactly the same as the last one:

This last one, I’ll admit is a bit more of a stretch. Front and center is Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, who is aiming a gun at an off-camera person. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the gun she is holding is plastic, and the out-of-focus block of color on the left side of the photo looks a hell of a lot like Magneto’s cape (as seen in the last image). She also seems to be at some kind of big important event:

If my interpretation of these images is correct, I believe this scene in the film has Magneto crashing a big government function with destructive plans in mind, and Mystique having a change of heart about him and threatening to take him down (why else would she be using a plastic gun?). The shot of Trask is in the aftermath.

Am I right or am I way off? We probably won’t know the answer until X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives on May 23rd.

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