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Jessica Simpson's Bodyguard

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of hearing people rail against remakes. They’re happening, it’s time we just shut up and take it. We all hate it, but it’s so prevalent there’s no point in continuing to complain. Then comes a story like this…

According to Moviehole, Kevin Costner is bent on remaking his 1992 film, The Bodyguard. This is a movie barely a decade old! What’s the point?? Why? Maybe we should remake Spider-Man 2? At some point we’re going to find ourselves watching the same ten movies over and over again year after year after year. This is getting out of hand.

Instead of following up his brilliant work in Open Range with another great, genre-specific film, Costner has been busily writing a script for the remake. The script is done, and now he wants to cast the female lead, "Ideally, it would be great to get someone like Jessica Simpson on board to take the story to the next level". Having showcased her terrible, bug-eyed acting this weekend in Dukes, I’d like to hear him explain exactly what level that will be.

Jessica seems to be getting an inordinate amount of heat off her performance in Hazzard. I mean, she’s terrible right? Could it simply be Hollywood slobbering over audience draw presented by her ass? Internet clickers went nuts for those promo pics, and her bikini can probably be credit with 30 million this weekend. I suppose that’s more important than whether or not she can act. She’s a box office draw, she’s proven it, and now she’s going to get a ridiculous amount of work.