Jodie Foster And George Clooney Look To Cash In With Money Monster

Sometimes actors make great directors. Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, George Clooney and Jodie Foster can all attest to that fact, as they've all directed and/or starred in films that would go on to become Academy Award nominees, if not winners. An actor being directed by another actor is pretty special, and can lead to some really great work. But an actor/director supervising someone else who occupies that rarified air? That could be something to behold, especially considering the last two names on the above list are collaborating on an extremely timely project that screams awards season.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the pair of Academy Award winners are pairing up to make the film Money Monster, with Foster directing and Clooney starring as Lee Gates - a TV stock analyst who is taken hostage under dire circumstances and killer ratings. His captor lost all of their money thanks to a bad investment tip that Gates provided on his show. The gunman demands that the host make his stock jump 24 points before the closing bell, and in the process reveals some very big secrets about the company in question.

There are parallels that can be made between Money Monster and classic thrillers like Dog Day Afternoon and Network, but another movie came to mind when I read up on this film is Joel Schumacher'sPhone Booth. The film already has the claustrophobic atmosphere, and the gasbag who's always "in control" being turned into the one who's being controlled. All that's missing is Kiefer Sutherland as the guy holding George Clooney hostage. (Note to Jodie Foster: PLEASE cast Kiefer Sutherland!) If this film can nail the satirically dark tone of Network and marry it with the tension of Phone Booth, I honestly think we'd have a hell of a flick on our hands.

Considering Jodie Foster has been directing episodes of Netflix originals like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards, it's safe to say that she's far from rusty when it comes to her directing skills. However, the last feature film she directed was the Mel Gibson starring puppet comedy The Beaver, which didn't seem to be that good. Or at least it wasn't a good enough movie to help people overlook Gibson's then recent spate of bad behavior. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see Jodie Foster and George Clooney working together as director and actor, respectively.

Money Monster is looking to start filming at the beginning of 2015, which means we could be looking at a prestige friendly release date in the Fall of that year. Seriously, call Kiefer guys!

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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