Josh Peck To Star In The Siege of Fulton Avenue

Though he is still somewhat stuck acting in kid's movies (you can't help where you get your start), Josh Peck has demonstrated that he has some serious acting chops, most notably in Jonathan Levine's The Wackness. Later this year he will be doing another adult-oriented film when he takes over the Charlie Sheen role in Red Dawn, but he also now has one waiting in the wings.

Peck has been cast in The Siege of Fulton Avenue, a film based on true events that occurred in Westchester, NY. According to Pajiba, the story comes from a New York Magazine article written by David Amsden about a stand-off between teenagers and police after the men in blue come in to break up a house party. The film will be a comedy "in the vein of Risky Business, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Superbad."

You can read the original article on the New York Magazine website and I recommend that you do. Structured as a time line that recounts even the most minute of events from the night, the whole situation is quite humorous. The film has been a long time coming, first announced in 2007 with George Tillman Jr. as the director, but hopefully the amount of time in development hell is related to the quality of the script. This has the potential to be a fun time at the theater.

Eric Eisenberg
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