Joss Whedon Says A Cabin In The Woods Sequel Could Be Possible

Joss Whedon does not want us to spoil Cabin In the Woods. He went so far as to share a special video message warning people about giving away the plot of the horror comedy. And we have no intention of spoiling the ride for fans, either. Part of the film’s massive appeal is its element of surprise, so trust us, steer clear of trailers and commercials for as long as you can. The movie comes out on April 13.

But if there’s one thing we know about horror films, it’s that they routinely spawn multiple sequels. And so, during an exclusive chat with Whedon at SXSW, I asked him if he and co-writer/director Drew Goddard would consider revisiting the world. And while parts of his answer referenced things that happen in the movie (and you won’t hear them from us), I do find it interesting that the Cabin team at least has floated the idea of future Cabin stories. Here’s Whedon:

Drew and I, we have no artistic integrity. We also built that world so grandly in our minds that we often do go, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the bit where …’ There’s definitely more to be told in that story, but right now we’re both very fixated on, ‘We hope somebody likes it, and of course pays to come see it.’ But there’s always a bridge there to cross. We definitely didn’t come into this going, ‘Oh, we have an idea for a franchise.’ We came in going, ‘We have three acts.’ Which is more than any writer usually gets. That’s a gift.

The movie is a gift, a love letter to the horror genre and all of its time-tested conventions--including sequels, which Cabin deserves. So support it, and strong, original voices like Whedon and Goddard will be able to continue telling stories their way.

We’ll have plenty more Cabin coverage closer to its April 13 release date, including our full Whedon interview and a conversation with Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. Also, if you haven’t read Katey’s spoiler-free rave, it’s well worth your time!

Sean O'Connell
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