Thor, as played by Chris Hemsworth in Marvel Studios films, is much different kind of animal than the other champions that unite to create the superhero team known as The Avengers. Sure, each member has their own special unique backstory, be it a tale of gamma radiation testing go wrong or the construction of special flying armor in a Middle Eastern cave, but what truly separates the God of Thunder is that he is, as he would say, “not of this Earth.” He’s an Asgardian prince, a mighty alien with godly powers who travels across the stars so that he can protect our planet from foreign invaders. He opens up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to other worlds and other galaxies – and that’s where I got to go last year when I visited the set of the upcoming Thor: The Dark World.

Leaving my Los Angeles home a week before Halloween, I took a 10 and a half hour flight to London, England, where I along with a small group of other film journalists were given the chance to fully explore the ins and outs of the production behind the forthcoming Marvel Studios sequel. The set visit spread across two days, we visited multiple settings from the film, watched cameras roll, visited the various and incredible art departments, talked with the stars and director Alan Taylor, and much, much more.

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