Kate Beckinsale Is Planning A Return To Underworld

Former Underworld director Len Wiseman was at Comic Con today, but wasn’t there to talk movies. Instead he was out promoting his involvement in the television reboot of Hawaii Five-0. But, geeks being what they are, they asked him about Underworld anyway.

Surprisingly, he answered and teased everyone with the possible return of Kate Beckinsale to the franchise. Beckinsale starred in the first two movies, but bowed out of the third, and was replaced by Kate Beckinsale lookalike Rhona Mitra. Now Wiseman says Underworld 4 is being written and should it come together, the plan is to bring back Beckinsale, who is also Wiseman’s real life wife, as the vampire Selene. He explains, “We're both waiting to see what kind of story comes together. It's just getting the script to a certain place where we're both happy with it.” Bring her back, put her in tight leather, and maybe people will get interested in Underworld again.

Josh Tyler