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Kathryn Hahn is a very, very funny lady who has spiced up a string of rowdy, raunchy comedies, from playing a pregnant woman in Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator to slinging used cars with the rest of the guys in The Goods. She’s long overdue for her own starring role, and writer-director Jill Soloway appears ready to give Hahn her first real shot.

The redheaded comedian will topline Afternoon Delight, an independent film that Variety says will be written and directed by Soloway (making her directorial debut). The plot imagines Hahn as a bored housewife who looks for a way to inject a little surprise into her humdrum existence. The trade offers very little details beyond that, though it’s made clear that Sebastian Dungan and Jen Cjaiken will produce.

What do we know about Soloway? The three-time Emmy nominee has written and produced for such award-winning programs as Six Feet Under, The United States of Tara and The Steve Harvey Show. She directed two shorts, and helped create the Los Angeles-based live-reading series Sit n’ Spin, but she hasn’t crossed over into feature-length direction.

Casting Hahn is a great first step. She has stood out as a member of some incredibly funny comedic ensembles. And hopefully there will be a role for another finny man or woman in the screenplay to give Hahn someone to bound off of. We’ll keep track of Afternoon Delight as details emerge.

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