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Katy Perry Concert Movie Could Be Directed By Magical Elves

Magical Elves are negotiating to direct the Katy Perry movie. For various reasons, that sentence doesn’t strike me as strange at all.

Granted, Magical Elves is the name used by producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, and they are the frontrunners to take over Perry’s planned 3D concert movie, according to THR. But yeah, the "E.T."-singing pop star seems like she’d be right at home turning her creative decisions over to directors named after pixie-like creatures, and so their involvement of this production team only make me more excited to see Perry in 3D.

Perry’s following in footsteps recently planted by the likes of Justin Bieber and the late Michael Jackson, whose films mixed performance footage with candid diary-entry video blogs for a marketable product that’s gobbled up by fans (Bieber’s Never Say Never grossed $73 million in the U.S., and an additional $25M around the globe). Magical Elves, if they get the gig, would collaborate with Footloose director Craig Brewer, who recently came on board to executive produce.

Cutforth and Lipsitz have made their name with reality television programming, creating the wildly successful Project Runway and Top Chef. They also produced Bieber’s Never Say never, and now would like a crack at Perry. What can help Katy’s movie stand out would be the “reality” side of the coin. We know she puts on visually stimulating concerts (she’s visually stimulating, herself), but Perry also has a lot of personal baggage (hello, Russell Brand) and her willingness to open up about those off-stage issues could help fans determine whether this film, which is coming to theaters soon, is a must-see or not.

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