Just the thought of watching the trailer for Katy Perry: Part of Me set off a loop of the chorus to “Teenage Dream” in my head. However, watching the video remedied this, as the earworm was promptly replaced by “Firework,” which is still going boom-boom-boom (even brighter than the moon, moon, moon) in my mind. Katy Perry’s headed to the big screen in 3D this summer and Paramount has released a trailer that gives us a look at the film and a backstage pass into Perry’s private and professional life.?

iTunes has Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D categorized as a documentary, and based on this trailer, that seems like a fair assessment. We’re given a glimpse of concert footage, as well as footage of Perry off the stage...

Mentions of her rise to fame, her recent divorce, and her Christian upbringing, including some video from her pre-fame years are included in the above video. It also looks like the film will offer fans a look at Perry rehearsing.

I suppose you could say that I’m one of the people who believes in Perry’s weirdness. Talent, creativity and originality is a great combination, and that blend certainly justifies her pop-star status. Whether her story makes for a satisfying movie experience remains to be seen, but it looks like fun and something fans of hers are likely to enjoy. Katy Perry: Part of Me arrives in theaters on July 5th.

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