Kenny Golde's Killer Picked Up For Production

The cat-and-mouse game between killer and cop is such a tried and true genre that we've seen just about every permutation by now. Either both the cop and the criminal are good guys, the cop is corrupt and the criminal is wrongfully accused, both are crooks, etc. etc. It's all been done, so the only thing you can do it pick your favorite combination and try to make it original.

Theoretically that's what Hyde Park Entertainment and Parkes/MacDonald Prods. will be trying with Killer, a spec script by Kenny Golde that they've recently picked up, according to Variety. This time the cop is a rogue, and the killer has left a video that 'triggers a cat-and-mouse game, with the investigator several steps behind his prey." Right now I'm thinking Law Abiding Citizen but with Jamie Foxx's character being the bad guy, though since no movie could possibly be as insane as that one, I may be getting my hopes up unnecessarily.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend