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Last Vegas tells the story of four retirees who decide to take Vegas by storm, and while the casting process has been long, they've managed to pick up some really great names. It was back in April when Michael Douglas signed on to play the lead, and he was followed by both Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman in May. Since then, however, the project has maintained radio silence, taking its time trying to find the fourth member of the gang. Now it seems they have found their man and they deserve a big thumbs up for their selection.

Deadline reports that Kevin Kline is making a deal to join Last Vegas. Directed by Jon Turteltaub, the film is about a group of friends who reunite when the last single man in the group (Douglas) finally gets engaged. As they party the night away in Vegas, though, things start to spin out of control. No details about Kline or Freeman's character are available yet, De Niro is said to be playing the member of the gang who is a bit more party-averse than the others. Turteltaub last directed The Sorcerer's Apprentice back in 2010 and helmed the two National Treasure movies as well. Kline has never appeared in a movie with any of his co-stars in this project before.

Despite the fact that Kline's last two movies, Darling Companion and No Strings Attached, were truly horrible, I will always applaud people casting him in movies. Even when everything about the film is awful, Kline is always at least interesting to watch. What's more, it will be great to see him act alongside other legends in this new project.

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