Kevin Smith Wants Clerks 3 In Theaters By 2014

I assure you, Kevin Smiths Clerks franchise is open, though it might not be for much longer. The director has stated that his third Clerks film would be his final theatrical effort. And now he has an idea of when he’d like to have it in theaters for fans to see.

In an interview with Good Day L.A., a local Los Angeles morning program, Smith opened up about his successful podcast network, his plans to do the hockey drama Hit Somebody as a mini-series, and his hope to have Clerks 3 released by 2014 … to neatly coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original Clerks (which came out in 1994). Listen to Smith right here:

How can you not love Smith’s new look for 2013, which appears to be a black trench coat over his trademark hockey jersey. The man is a fashion plate! However, he does get unlimited bonus points for immediately pointing out the “jiggle” of Rosario Dawson. Hard not to mention it.

There is absolute symmetry to Smith ending his film career (as reported) with a third Clerks movie, ending as he began with Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) behind the counter of the re-opened Quick Stop grocery store. While teasing the work he wants to do on the third and final Clerks, Smith leaked that he’ll have an announcement about where he’ll be doing the six-part Hit Somebody mini-series, which – at one point – was possibly going to star Nicholas Braun. No word yet on whether Smith’s casting deals stay in place with this switch. But there’s a lot of movement on Smith’s front. Do you think Clerks 3 is a good idea? Will it be a fitting end to Smith’s directorial career? And is he really done? Weigh in below.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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