No matter the outcome, comic creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. will have their fingerprints all over Kick-Ass 2, as the cinematic sequel is pulling material directly from the pages written by the former and inked by the latter. But now IFC has confirmed (and the above image illustrates) that the two will make their on-screen cameos in director Jeff Wadlow’s sequel. Here's a shot of Romita in full costume:

John Romita Kick-Ass

Romita tells IFC in an interview that he and Millar were approached about making cameos in the first Kick-Ass film, but they felt “uncomfortable” about pulling it off. When the sequel rolled around, though, the Kick-Ass creators were approached again, this time to be part of a fight sequence that would require some superhero costuming. But you might have to squint and concentrate if you really want to see them, as the artist explains:
"They put us in the fight scene and I was supposed to beat the snot out of Mark in the battle scene, and then they were going to do close-ups of us fighting, and Mark couldn’t make it. So we’re in the fight scene, but it’s really difficult to see us.”

The premise of Kick-Ass 2, from what I can gather, involves many common citizens inspired by the action of Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) taking to the streets to combat criminals. This should open up the doors for Millar and Romita Jr. to create new heroes who might have recurring roles. Only Romita says one physical deformity would keep him out of any sequel:
"My nose is too broken. It’s been broken too many times,” he says. “I can’t draw myself. I have trouble drawing a self-portrait, I have trouble drawing a portrait of anybody that I care about because then I have to flatter them. I will do one of Mark; I’ll try to get Mark in the book. I will try, I hadn’t thought about that. He will probably laugh.”

Kick-Ass 2 dropped a full red-band trailer recently, introducing the sequel’s various newcomers and familiar faces. The sequel arrives in theaters on August 16th. Keep your eyes on the backgrounds for costumed Romita Jr. and Millar, but blink and you just might miss them.

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