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Those of us who once enjoyed seeing Kiefer Sutherland on Fox each winter have Fox’s upcoming drama Touch to look forward to later this year. In the meantime, what about Jack Bauer? There’s a vague but promising sounding update on the subject of the 24 film, which was shared by Sutherland at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour today.

Since the Fox action-drama wrapped up, many have been hoping to see the story continued on the big screen. The series certainly left off open-ended enough to allow for a sequel, assuming the 24-hour real-time format could be adapted for a movie. While Sutherland is at the TCA Press Tour to discuss Fox’s Touch, it’s unsurprising that the topic of the 24 movie would come up. Tweets from the event state that Sutherland says the film could start shooting in April or May. The update sounds familiar and somewhat noncommittal as the word “hopefully” was quoted in one Tweet, while LA Times’ Joe Flint Tweeted, “Keiffer Sutherland says 24 film starts production in April or May. Of course he didn't say of what year.” Meanwhile, TV Guide tweeted, that Touch "will not prevent Sutherland from doing a #24 movie. Sutherland says he hopes to be shooting by end of April."

It sounds like it’s still too premature to really begin celebrating just yet, especially if Sutherland is only speaking based on his own availability for the movie. That would line up with another relatively recent update on the project, which we shared a month ago. At that time, the script wasn’t finished and the film didn’t have a director. Whether or not either is still the case at this point is unclear. In the meantime, at the very least, from Sutherland’s point of view, things sound like they’re still on track to move forward for the movie.

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