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The last time Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom teamed up onscreen it was for Elizabethtown, a plodding romance that made me wish Bloom's character had succeeded in killing himself in the first act. We've had six years to try and scrub the memory of a bad Cameron Crowe movie out of our brains, and apparently the statute of limitations is over and those two are allowed to appear onscreen together again. This time it will be for a thriller, and thankfully Clive Owen will be on hand to keep them in line. The Wrap is reporting that Dunst and Bloom have signed on to co-star in Cities, to be directed by Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job).

There aren't any details available about who Dunst and Bloom will be playing, but we do know some details about the film itself. Cities is a financial thriller that will intertwine three different stories set in three different cities: a hedge fund manager in New York, a young couple in London (maybe Bloom and Dunst?), and a cop in Mumbai. The story unfolds as the Dow Jones stock index hits an all-time high, and the characters lives and fortunes hang on the market's continued success (that should work out just fine for everybody...).

Cities started out as an original screenplay called Extreme Cities, written by Glenn Wilhide. The script has since been rewritten by director Donaldson. Good choice on dropping the first word of the title as well, so now it sounds less like a reality competition.