Kristen Bell And Santino Fontana Sound Amazing Singing Frozen's 'Love Is An Open Door' Live

Following Idina Menzel's performance of Frozen's now Oscar-winning tune "Let it Go" at last night's Academy Awards, fans of the Disney animated film are likely longing for more live performances from the cast, Disney Animation has delivered, at least a little bit, by releasing another clip from that private Frozen live cabaret from last month. It gives us an earful of Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana singing "Love is an Open Door."

The clip coms from a private event that took place in February, during which the Frozen cast performed songs from the film. We saw part of Idina Menzel's performance of "Let it Go" from a previously released clip, and this one gives us a new glimpse of the night. My only complaint about Anna and Hans' duet is that we don't get the whole song in the clip! From what we do here, both actors sound amazing.

Those familiar with Bell from Veronica Mars were likely well aware of her vocal abilities long before Anna sang in Frozen, as it was demonstrated in an episode earlier in the series' run...

But that was presumably a studio recording dubbed for the episode. There's something a bit more raw about a stage performance, and seeing Bell belt out "Love is an Open Door" on that stage is a great demonstration of her natural talent as a singer.

And it makes me want to see her in a live action musical. Like -- just throwing it out there for the sake of random wish-casting -- Pitch Perfect 2. Or really anything where Bell and Anna Kendrick could sing together. Factor in those voices and all that adorable snarkiness and you know magic would happen. Alas, it sounds like Kendrick is taking a break from musicals once she wraps up the ones she has lined up.

The Oscar-winning Frozen will make its way onto DVD/Blu-Ray later this month. In the meantime, we have the above video to enjoy over and over, as well as Idina Menzel's Oscar performance of "Let it Go":

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