If you’ve seen the remake of True Grit or the recently released adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, then you’re already familiar with rising star Hailee Steinfeld. She has no shortage of upcoming roles, the next of which is the part of Petra in the Ender’s Game adaptation. Steinfeld visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week and during her interview, a new clip from the film was released. Check it out in the tail-end of this video below (via ComicBookMovie.com.

Steinfeld may be struggling with learning how to drive on the freeways of Los Angeles, but her character Petra is clearly no novice in the zero-gravity Battle Room. In Ender’s Game, Steinfeld’s character is one of the gifted children sent to an orbiting Battle School where kids are preparing for a war against a hostile alien race. The clip has her offering some help to the titular Ender Wiggin, an especially gifted kid who’s determined to excel at Battle School, even if that means putting in the extra hours in the Battle Room, as evidenced by the video above.

The clip has Petra referencing antagonist Bonzo, one of the army leaders at Battle School. We got a glimpse of him facing off with Ender in one of the recently released photos. The scene in the clip above leads into Petra offering to show Ender some moves, and that gives us a great look at the inside of the Battle Room. We’ve seen snippets of the Battle Room scenes in the various trailers and TV spots, but this one gave us a bit more context, and included a bit of “impressive” target practice as Petra sends some marble-looking things flying and promptly shoots them with her flash gun.

Watching the exchange between Ender and Petra, I can’t help but wonder if we’re supposed to see something beyond friendship developing here, what with the smiles and the hand-holding. There’s also the fact that Steinfeld’s face has been featured quite a bit among the promotional material for the film, the official poster included, which makes me think her role might be a bit more prominent in the film than I recall it being in the book. I don’t remember there being any romance -- implied or otherwise -- between Ender and Petra in the book, but the characters were a bit younger there, and not quite at prime crush age, which might not apply to the film if they're in their tweens or early teens here. But on the other hand, it’s just as possible that those are friendly smiles we’re seeing in the clip, the hand-holding is so that they don’t drift from one another in the zero-G Battle Room, and Steinfeld’s presence on the poster and other content is part of the marketing, which isn’t such a bad idea, considering her star is on the rise these days.

Ender’s Game arrives in theaters November 1.

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