Leap Year Clips: Find Amy Adams In Various States Of Undress

Leap Year seems to be the kind of romantic comedy in which the male lead repeatedly walks in upon or interacts with the female lead while she’s in some sort of disarray, most particularly in some state of undress. This should probably be its own rom-com cliché subgenre and normally I’d be predisposed to hate such a movie… but this one has Amy Adams and her cuteness seems, almost inexplicably, to trump absolutely everything.

We have seven new clips from Leap Year in which you’ll see Amy Adams caught in her underwear, wandering around in a towel, and losing a show. But you’ll also see her character as definitely not a Bella. The whole movie seems to take place out of her desire to take matters into her own hands, rather than waiting around on a man to tell her what to do. We sure could use a little of that. Check out all seven clips from the incredibly cute new rom-com Leap Year, below:

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Josh Tyler