The Legend Of Tarzan Trailer Is Gorgeous, Shows A Tremendous Amount Of Promise

After the first photos from The Legend Of Tarzan dropped last night, we have to admit: there wasn't a lot that impressed us. Sensing a first trailer was going to drop in the near future, we withheld judgment on how we felt about David Yates' latest epic, and as you'll see in the trailer below, it's definitely time to get a little excited.

The Legend Of Tarzan finds John Clayton III (Alexander Skarsgard,) better known to audiences as Tarzan, living the life of a civilized man. Of course, even after he's settled into Victorian London with his beloved Jane (Margot Robbie,) his heart and mind still yearn for the jungle. It isn't long before he's dragged back to the jungle, in order to face the villainous Captain Rom (Christoph Waltz,) and save the world he grew up in from the one he now calls home. This new trailer, courtesy of Fandango MovieClips, basically has all the makings of a summer blockbuster – a fact that Warner Bros and all involved must be relieved by.

While the production behind The Legend Of Tarzan has been rumored to be a problematic undertaking, at the very least our first look at footage from the film makes it look like the anxiety was worth it all the long. Seeing as David Yates is a veteran of the similarly effects heavy Harry Potter series, it's no surprise that his adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' seminal work of adventure literature looks rather exciting. Throw in the presence of Tarantino repertory vets Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz, and you've got a fun time at the movies! Jackson especially seems in top form, as he goads Clayton to own his heritage, prompting our hero to respond in a defiantly elegant manner.

Pinkie raising action aside, The Legend Of Tarzan certainly doesn't look like it's going to skimp on the actual action in its proceedings. With all of the vine swinging, gorilla fighting, machine gun toting activity in the confines of the trailer's two and a half minute running time, it's definitely safe to say that David Yates' Tarzan won't be foregoing the jungle for the drawing room. If anything, it'll just take a little longer to get to the action, which means that there is ample time to develop a story to get behind in the first act.

This first trailer is undoubtedly dropping in advance of a strategic theatrical release, as The Legend Of Tarzan will obviously hitch its star to the wagon known as In The Heart Of The Sea. With a modest, if not altogether weak 2015, Warner Bros is going to need to excite the masses about their upcoming film slate in order to recover from their downward slide. Knowing that The Legend Of Tarzan and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them are both hitting within months of each other shows that the studio has a chance to make up for lost business, and Tarzan looks like it's going to deliver, at least for the time being.

While we'll have to wait until July 1, 2016 to see The Legend Of Tarzan hit our screens, you can more than likely catch the trailer in front of In The Heart Of The Sea, which opens in theaters this weekend.

Mike Reyes
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