Leonardo DiCaprio Does Want To Win An Oscar This Year, In Case That Wasn't Clear

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, but he’s never won it. There a distinct possibility that he’ll be nominated again this year for The Revenant but the competition will likely be as stiff as it’s ever been. So how does DiCaprio feel about the elusive Oscar? Well, he wouldn’t be against winning one, to be sure.

In an interview with the Today show on the eve of the Golden Globes, where he is nominated for Best Actor which is an award that he has one before, the question of the Oscar came up and DiCaprio was honest that winning awards is something that pretty much everybody likes. He’s also not claiming to be an exception to that rule.

I think anyone appreciates those types of things, for sure, of course — you know, to be recognized by your peers.

DiCaprio has been recognized as one of the top actors three separate times, but has never come away with the award itself. His first nomination came as Howard Hughes in The Aviator in 2005. He followed that up two years later for his role in Blood Diamond. Finally, in 2014, he received his third Oscar nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street.

To be fair, Leonardo DiCaprio also says that winning the awards is not why he does it. While even he admits to speaking in cliches, he says that creating the art of cinema is the ultimate goal. He wants to be able to look back on his career and be proud of the things that he has made. He’s certainly been able to achieve that goal so far. DiCaprio has been in a slew of great films, which have been nominated for, and won, a number of awards, whether he did or not. While everybody views art differently it’s hard to argue that Leonardo Dicaprio is not a great artist. Check out his complete comments below.

Leonardo DiCaprio certainly has a solid shot at being nominated for the Oscar but it won’t be an easy trip to that stage. With likely competition coming from names like Eddie Redmayne, Michael Fassbender, Matt Damon or Johnny Depp it’s anybody guess who will even make the short list, much less win the award. What do you think? Will 2016 finally be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year?

Dirk Libbey
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