In just a few months, Tom Hooper's feature adaptation of Les Miserables will make its way into theaters, offering a fresh take on the Broadway musical based on Victor Hugo's epic story. The latest promotional photo gives us a look at Hugh Jackman in his starring role as ex-prisoner Jean Valjean.

Among the recently released photos was the new poster of Cosette. And today comes this look at Jackman's Jean Valjean, who appears clean-shaven and dressed in a high-collared shirt, his brow creased with determination. Click the image below to see the bigger version.

"Freedom is mine."

Those who want it as their wallpaper , the Les Mis website has a number of different size/shape options, including iPad, iPhone and a version sized for a Facebook cover image (complete with optional Cosette profile pic). That'll be for those who really want to get the word out that this movie is coming.

As a fan of the Broadway musical, I was already looking forward to this new adaptation, but the recent featurette really sold me on the film's potential, and the efforts made to bring something special to the screen as the actors performed the songs live while they filmed, rather than pre-recording them in a studio. If you're not entirely on board with the movie, watch that video. And then, of course, there's the trailer.

Les Miserables arrives December 25. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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