Linklater Experiences the Unemployed Life

Richard Linklater is probably one of the most versatile directors working today, but he seems to remain mostly under the mainstream radar. His talents range from the slacker opus Dazed and Confused to the ultra philosophical Philip K. Dick adaptation A Scanner Darkly, and most recently his look into what it was like to work with one of the most game changing directors of all time with Me & Orson Welles. Linklater's resume runs the gamut of genres so it would make sense that he would slip another romantic comedy into the rotation with his next, Liars (A to E). But some shake ups at Miramax kicked the legs out from under that project.

Originally when Disney took the hedge trimmers to Miramax, it was thought that Liars would be one of the few films they would be producing in the coming year. According to Movieline however, Linklater and his next project were kicked to the curb and left out to dry. The project had already cast Rebecca Hall and quickly up and coming Kat Dennings, who are also out of a job.

While there's no tombstone over the project yet, it being homeless will certainly put a hold on its production if it even happens at all. Also mentioned is the vague possibility of School of Rock 2, but Linklater seems to have a general lack of enthusiasm about the piece. “Let’s just say it’s still kind of on the backburner and it’s no one’s next project.” Sounds grim.

Without a doubt Linklater will find himself something to work on next, but we've been given no clues as to what that might be.