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Shia LaBeouf won me over this week. Like most of you, I’d grown tired of the once-popular actor’s public stunts, from the paper bag on his head at a world premiere to the screaming of motivational phrases at random audience members. Enough was enough. But the #AllMyMovies project, which let us watch Shia watching all of Shia’s movies, was just interesting enough to lure me back into LaBeouf’s web of crazy… especially because the experiment revealed that he hates the Transformers movies as much as we do.

Part of the fun of watching Shia LaBeouf watch his movies was to gauge his reaction as you played along from home. Sometimes, as when he watched The Even Stevens Movie, he appeared to be having the time of his life. However, during the screenings of Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy – of which Shia LaBeouf played an integral part – the actor didn’t stay stone faced. He physically squirmed and tried to hide his eyes.

It didn’t get any better as the 2 hour and 37 minute monolith dragged on. Shia was present for the filming of Michael Bay’s Transformers sequel, and yet, his reactions suggest that he really can’t believe how bad it is:

Several tracking LaBeouf’s movements believe that he tapped out of Dark of the Moon to catch some Zzzzzzzzs.

While others caught Shia sleeping in his chair during one of the three Transformers movies because LaBeouf don’t give AF.

It’s fairly obvious what needs to happen next, right? Michael Bay needs to film himself watching all of the Transformers movies, so he can live stream it on the Internet. Something tells me the theater would explode.