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Only three of the five original songs will be taking the Oscar stage this evening. It’s possible that they started off on the wrong foot. The first musical performance at the 88th Academy Awards was Sam Smith’s performance of his James Bond theme, "The Writing’s on the Wall." It turns out that a lot of people think the Spectre theme is...not great.

As soon as Sam Smith took the stage, Twitter began to light up from all corners. Some thought the song was terrible, others just called it boring. For the four minutes of the song, Twitter was probably a more entertaining place to be paying attention to, and it all started with the following tweet.

Of course, the real fun didn't start until the performance did, as the following torrent of Tweets flooded in, all giving Smith the thumbs down.
Of course, what roast would be complete without Rosanne Barr's two cents?

Even Jeremy from Cinema Sins took a break from ripping apart movies in a well-detailed manner, to deliver the following missive.

Meanwhile, the next tweet featured got a little topical, reminding us to remember that we were in the middle of history being made.

While the song is not universally adored, the fact is that it has a good chance of winning. There isn't another clear front runner, and Sam Smith's song has the benefit of being attached to the James Bond franchise. Adele's song for Skyfall won last time around which won't hurt the chances of Spectre.

James Bond themes have run the gamut over the years. Some of the songs, like "Live and Let Die" and "A View to a Kill" have become classics. Others are the songs that you only remember when the movie is being played on basic cable on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Even we had to admit that Sam Smith looked bored performing. To be fair though, not everybody seemed to hate the song in its entirety. Some just thought the performance was terrible.

While others said they liked the song, though there may have been extenuating circumstances.

What do you think about "Writing’s on the Wall?" Great Bond theme, forgettable, or god awful? Let us know.

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