Lovelace Producer On Amanda Seyfriend And Nudity In The Film

With its focus on the adult film industry, nudity in the upcoming film Lovelace seemed like a likelihood, however, the words “lots of” has been used to emphasize the amount of nakedness viewers might be able to expect from the upcoming adult film star biopic, which stars Amanda Seyfried.

Lovelace will have Seyfried (Momma Mia!, Big Love) playing adult film star Linda Boreman (known as Linda Lovelace), who made a name for herself starring in the well known X-rated film Deep Throat. Peter Sarsgaard is set to play Lovelace’s abusive husband.

E! Online caught up with Lovelace producer Patrick Muldoon who describes the movie as “very risqué.” The site goes on to say that Muldoon revealed that there will be “lots of nakedness in the movie, especially for Seyfried."

"It's a new thing for her, but it's not about nudity," he said. "It's profound, the performance that she's giving...She's doing such an amazing job. We're about two weeks into filming, and the movie's going to be incredible.

Given what we know of Lovelace’s story, including the revelation that she was abused and forced into her career as an adult film star, those expecting a sexy portrayal of the porn industry are probably in for a disappointment. In fact, Muldoon addresses that when he goes on to elaborate on the topic the nudity, stating:

“Thematically, it's talking about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace. Yes, there's a lot of nudity, but it's a message movie about respecting women."

It certainly sounds like Seyfried is taking some risks with this role, however, given what we’ve seen in her potential as an actress in previous films and TV shows, added to what we know of the role she's playing, this part could offer a true demonstration of her talents as an actor, regardless of the attention she may get for stripping down.

A first look photo at Seyfried and Sarsgaard in character in Lovelace made its way online last week. Check it out here.

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