Lupita Nyong'o's Stolen Oscar Dress Was Returned, Find Out Why

On Oscar night, Lupita Nyong'o showed up wearing a stunning dress that helped her stand out as one of the night's best dressed attendees. Unfortunately for her, that dress was stolen on Tuesday, launching an obvious inquiry as to who made off with the beautiful collection of pearls of different sizes and origins. In an odd twist, the dress turned up yesterday, and the reason is something that's almost hard to believe: apparently, the pearls from this gorgeous Oscar gown, show in the photo below, are fake.


The Hollywood Reporter's style section reported that the thief who nabbed the dress apparently spoke to TMZ over the phone. The unnamed, unidentified thief stated that they had taken two pearls from the dress for authentication, and after visiting their source they were told that the pearls weren't as genuine as the interviews Francisco Costa gave said they were. So what's any good thief to do when they find out they've purloined false goods? Return them, and make a statement that they're showing the world "Hollywood's fake bullshit." Sounds like someone's a bit upset Transformers: Age Of Extinction was shut out of this year's nomination process.

Now something about this case sounds just a bit fishy, but it's hard to figure out what or how. How could a Calvin Klein dress that cost $150,000 be deemed as too fake to be stolen? You would think a thief crafty enough to steal a dress from a hotel that offers rooms from $299 a night upward would at least have the slightest bit of acumen to know what's a fake and what's a genuine article. Even without that knowledge, and even after finding out the dress was a fake, you'd think that a dress worn by the woman who won the 2014 Best Supporting Actress trophy would fetch a fair price on the black market. With the right fence, this sort of stuff practically walks out the door.

Though the case is far from over, as the police are going to be working with the Academy Award winner herself to confirm that this dress is the real thing. It wouldn't at all be surprising that a dress that went missing on Tuesday would show up on Friday, only to be a fake in and of itself. It's all a bit oddball really, but in any case, the matter is being looked into and we're as eager as you fine readers are to find out just what the resolution of this case is going to entail. Thievery aside, it's nice to know that the dress has been returned to the West Hollywood Police Department, and presumably to Ms. Nyong'o herself.

Lupita Nyong'o can be seen next in in Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th, and Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book on April 15, 2016. When we hear more about the saga of white and gold / black and blue thievery, we'll let you know the details.

[Photo Credit: ©ABC]

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