Machine Gun Preacher Image: This Is Not The Movie You Expect From The Title

I'm willing to bet that on September 3rd there's going to be a lot of people that walk out of movie theaters saying "What the hell was that?" All of these people will be walking out of Machine Gun Preacher, which, despite its badass name, has a remarkably tame premise. Directed by Marc Foster, the film stars Gerard Butler as a former criminal who has a religious awakening and travels to East Africa. Shocked by what he sees in the Sudan, he works to create a safe haven for refugees escaping the Lord’s Resistance Army. Looking at the film's plot description instead of the title may help the first photo from the film make a lot more sense.

Featuring a bearded Butler in a safari vest and some Sudanese people, Relativity Media has sent over the first look, which you can also see in our Blend Film Database. The shot doesn't really inform the viewer much about the movie other than suggesting that the star has taken a trip to Africa. Hopefully a trailer will be online soon to clear up any confusion, but I'm still holding out hope that this movie is more "machine gun" than it is "preacher."

Check out the image below.

Eric Eisenberg
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