Magic Mike Is Doing A Live Show In Las Vegas, Here's What We Know

Theme park attractions based off of popular movies are pretty much de rigueur these days, but for the most part those sorts of efforts are focused on four quadrant "family" films. But what about the adults? Surely an R-rated film like Magic Mike could eventually spawn a live experience that would entertain audiences from around the world? Well, Channing Tatum has announced just that, as Magic Mike Live is headed to Vegas next spring!

During an announcement on Channing Tatum's Facebook page, the existence of Magic Mike Live was officially kicked off, complete with a video that showed Tatum introducing the crop of dancers that would be introduced during the club's inaugural run. Starting in March of 2017, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be the aptly named home to Tatum's pleasure palace, inspired by the hit franchise that semi-autobiographically told the story of his own days as a male dancer. You can check out Tatum's announcement, as well as a brief introduction to his Magic Mike Live dance crew, in the video below:

As if Magic Mike Live wasn't exciting enough, there's also a sister site, Magic Mike Asks, which serves the sole purpose of gathering feedback from potential patrons of the club. This comes from Channing Tatum's desire to make the Magic Mike Live experience as rewarding as it can be for those who dare to walk among the chiseled dance gods and partake in the entertainment experience of a lifetime. All they ask is that you be truthful with what you want, and they'll take it from there.

Other than what we've told you, there's not a lot of details about how Magic Mike Live is going to pan out just yet. However, it has been mentioned that tickets for the anticipated experience will be on sale soon. But besides what we've already told you, all that's been offered by Channing Tatum and his band of manly men is this hysterical pitch video, which showcases some of the dancers in better detail – as well as among a gaggle of puppies.

Magic Mike Live opens at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas at some point in March of 2017 - which might make for an interesting press tour stop, as Kingsman: The Golden Circle is slated to open on June 16th, 2017, and includes Channing Tatum himself as one of the cast members.

Mike Reyes
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