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ET boldly calls Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction the "most anticipated movie of the summer." Which is a stretch. But when the channel has the "all-new scenes" as an exclusive, you can see why they’d get a little colorful with the language. The full trailer expects to drop on Tuesday. ET shared the above clip (via CBM) this afternoon.

I hear what you are saying, already. You saw all of this footage in the super-quick, super-explosive Super Bowl spot for Transformers.

Heck, Kelly made glorious GIFs of the best Transformers moments in that Super Bowl clip. So this new trailer better step us up to the next level, where we can get some plot details, some more lines of dialogue, and possibly an explanation as to how Mark Wahlberg’s got this sweet-ass alien gun!

Mark Wahlberg Transformers

This is the first official character poster for Wahlberg’s Cade, a protective father who know has to protect his daughter from feuding Autobots and Decepticons. And as you can see by the pretty cool logline on the poster, the "Rules Have Changed" in Age of Extinction. What does that mean, exactly? Does it mean that Decepticons WON’T destroy our major cities? Because Chicago took a beating in Dark of the Moon.

What fresh insanity does Bay have planned for us this time? He’s actually dropping the term "extinction" into his title, which doesn’t bode well. But that could just be a nod to his dino-bots, which have been revealed.

Dinobots Transformers

Check back tomorrow for Bay’s latest Transformers trailer! Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27. Are you planning on grabbing a ticket?

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