Marvel's Inhumans Movie Faces Uncertain Future, Here's What We Know

The MCU still has a lot more films to get to before the epic conclusion of Phase Three with Avengers: Infinity War Part II. That large number has now been reduced by one. Inhumans, one of the first films announced to be a part of Phase Three has now been removed from the release schedule.


This news comes from The Wrap, who reported that Inhumans has been removed from Disney’s release schedule. The movie was initially slated for release on November 2, 2018 before it was pushed back to July 22, 2019 to make room for the new Marvel/Sony Spider-Man film and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said during a press junket that the film would likely be pushed back even further, and now the film has been taken off the board for the time being.


There could be a few reasons why Inhumans was the project that bit the dust. Of all the movies Marvel has slated, it was arguably the most expendable and most likely didn’t factor heavily in the overall connective story of the MCU. Marvel certainly wasn’t going to remove films like Black Panther or Captain Marvel, who will both most likely be big players for the franchise going forward. Being removed from the lineup is also not a death sentence. Inhumans will most likely still come out, but the wait will be much longer than anticipated. There’s a strong chance that it will be a part of the currently unannounced slate of Phase Four movies.


Another big reason why Inhumans is not a top priority is because they have already been introduced in Agents of SHIELD and have served as a major plot point for the second and third seasons. The Inhumans will have been around for years before their movie comes out, so there really isn’t a rush to introduce them all over again.


However, the show has only scratched the surface of the Inhumans. For those who may not know, the Inhumans are a secret society of humans who were genetically modified to have super powers by an alien race thousands of years ago. They are much more technologically advanced than average humans and have their own society and culture, which is led by their king Black Bolt and the royal family. Most of this has not been addressed by Agents of SHIELD, where Inhumans basically serve as substitutes for mutants. The royal family would have most likely been the main characters in the Inhumans movie with Vin Diesel rumored to be in talks to play Black Bolt. Only time will if Agents of Shield will now get to use those characters, or if Marvel wants to save them for the eventual movie.


What are your thoughts on the Inhumans movie? Are you bummed or is this something you can wait for?

Matt Wood

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