Marvel's Spider-Man Movie Has An Official Title, And It's Perfect

In once again rebooting Spider-Man and introducing him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures created a tiny little problem. Both of the original two franchises about the webslinger – Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man - used what can really be called the best possible series titles. As a result, the two studios had to get a bit creative with their upcoming solo movie for 2017, and the good news is that they made a great choice for the name. Folks, start getting excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This title has actually been circulating for the past week thanks to the reveal of a studio URL purchase, but Sony Pictures officially announced the name of the 2017 blockbuster tonight during their presentation at CinemaCon – the annual convention in Las Vegas held for theater owners. Flying in from the Los Angeles premiere of Captain America: Civil War (where the new version of the character makes his debut), actor Tom Holland was on stage during the event to announce the title, and also gave us some insight in regard to exactly what the wall-crawling hero will be going through in the high school-set film:

It really is a homecoming for the character, because throughout the story Peter [Parker] is trying to find his true identity, and where he really belongs in this world.

You can see the title treatment for Spider-Man: Homecoming below:

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So why do we really love the title Spider-Man: Homecoming? Because it is just chock full of all kinds of different meanings and interpretations. For starters, "homecoming" is obviously a big event in most high schools – which means that the title helps accentuate the young age of the titular character – but that’s just one part of it. Of course, many fans have long seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the franchise where Spidey really belongs, so it is very much a homecoming in that respect as well. And in addition to all of that, the name also happens to be a reference to a key comic book in Spider-Man history – namely the issue where he returns to Earth after battling in the Secret Wars with all of the other Marvel heroes and also happens to come back wearing a special black symbiote that enhances his special abilities:

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Of course, we don’t expect that this version of the character will immediately jump into the beloved black suit/alien costume saga from the comics, but it’s still a nice, natural reference.

How do you feel about Spider-Man: Homecoming as a title? Answer our poll below, and hit the comments section with your thoughts! And look out for the film - directed by Jon Watts - in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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