We've been hearing about a potential Guardians of the Galaxy movie for years now. Back in 2009, when Disney first made the deal to acquire Marvel Studios from Paramount Pictures, there were rumblings of a potentially feature film future for the superhero group and those rumblings have only gotten louder since. Marvel President Kevin Feige has previously said that the folks over at the studio have been working on ideas for a movie and last August it was even rumored that the project was in active development. Due to the incredible amount of secrecy surrounding every move the comic book house makes, however, nothing has yet been confirmed and all of it has simply been speculation. Well, today another log was thrown on the fire.

Bleeding Cool has discovered that within the last week Marvel has been filing trademark applications that will allow them to produce merchandise based on the Guardians of the Galaxy brand. Thus far 11 applications have been filed and cover everything "from jewelery to beverages to furniture to cosmetics." It's worth noting that it's entirely possible that this has nothing to do with an upcoming film and may just be for a new line of upcoming comics (rumored to be written by Brian Michael Bendis), but it's interesting nonetheless.

The original Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced back in 1969 and followed a group of heroes fighting against a group of aliens known as the Badoon in the 31st century. In 2008, however, Marvel decided to pull an old-fashioned reboot and reintroduce the team with a brand new cast of characters. There have been recent reports saying that Black Panther could be the next Marvel superhero to get his own solo movie treatment, but would you rather see a Guardians of the Galaxy movie instead?

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