Hollywood’s obsession with turning board games into movies continues. The Ouija Board movie we’ve been hearing about for months now has finally settled on a director. They’ve picked McG, who has been rumored to be one of the finalists for weeks.

Deadline says McG is in negotiations with Universal Pictures to direct Ouija and that they’re planning the film as a supernatural thriller. It’ll be the second Hasbro game related property brought to the screen by Universal. Work on a Battleship movie is already underway, for some reason.

The Ouija movie is being written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the formerly successful TV writers who turned in the largely disliked Tron: Legacy script. Even those who liked the movie seemed to agree that, yes, the script wasn’t very good. So did the Disney brass, apparently, since they brought in people from Pixar to tune the thing up at the last minute (and it still wasn’t very good). It’s not good news for Ouija, a movie based on an already shaky concept, with a script written by less than stellar writers, and now directed by the guy who made Terminator suck.

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