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Here’s yet another story claiming that Miley Cyrus will be in Sex and the City 2. This time though, it actually makes sense. According to Gossip Cop the script has her playing herself, in a scene on a red carpet in which she wears the same dress as Samantha and Mario Cantone’s Anthony remarks, “Mother of God: She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

It sounds like she doesn’t even really need to show up on set. It’s something they could easily do off camera or if they prefer, simply plug in some other teen starlet instead. That may actually be the route the go since Cyrus’s reps at one point claimed she’d be too busy to do the film.

So breath a sigh of relief Sex and the City fans. Miley Cyrus won’t ruin your movie and she’s not, as some feared, the obligatory Jennifer Hudson for the girls' next shopping trip. She’s just a punchline.