Once you see Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, you’ll realize that the film has two goals: Re-establish Peter Parker’s classic origin story (with slight tweaks), and lay the foundation for at least one sequel. Heck, Sony already set a May 2014 release date for a second Spidey film, hiring Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci to polish a previously submitted rough draft. So when Andrew Garfield tells The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes he’ll be able to come back in a sequel, you have to forgive us for filing this under the “No duh” section of movie-related news.

"If we do one, I hope I can do it -- I hope they'd let me do it. I hope so," Garfield tells the trade, and they run it as news, as if Garfield and Emma Stone aren’t contractually locked in to potential sequels. But Garfield has been playing the humble card on the Amazing Spider-Man promotional tour, so this comes off as a little bit more of his “not touching the money while you’re sitting at the table” strategy.

And he’s smart to do so. Despite news that the franchise reboot is tracking near $125 million for the holiday weekend and a string of mostly-positive reviews, The Amazing Spider-Man could whiff at the box office, torpedoing plans for that sequel.

But I think it’s unlikely. Having seen The Amazing Spider-Man twice now, I’m content to call it the best Spider-Man movie we’ve seen to date, a film aimed at the hearts of true Spidey fans. I believe Garfield will get a shot at that sequel because I believe he’s earned it. His passion for Peter Parker shines through in every scene of Webb’s effort. And when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or whatever Sony decides to call it) reaches theaters in 2014, I’m hoping that the sequel delivers on the promise of Norman Osborn and his alter-ego, The Green Goblin … which is skillfully teased in Amazing. It’s an excellent time to be a Spider-Man fan. Find out why when Amazing hits screens on July 3. Garfield can be humble and coy for a few more days. But once the movie has been revealed, fans will know that he nailed Peter Parker AND Spider-Man, and he’ll get the opportunity to do it all over again soon.

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