Noomi Rapace, Noomi Rapace-- is she suddenly so very popular because her name is so fun to type and say, or is it thanks to her tremendous trilogy of performances as the punk heroine Lisbeth Salander? I'm willing to give credit to both, though really, I had no idea how badly we needed a star named Noomi until she came along. The Swedish actress has been rumored for all kinds of movies lately, from a Hansel and Gretel project at Paramount to her actual casting as the love interest in Sherlock Holmes 2. Now you can add her name to another possible project, and a super trendy one at that.

Yes, Lisbeth herself may get the chance to play a vampire, and because she's Noomi Rapace, of course she'll be sexy at the same time. The LA Times reports that she's joining The Last Voyage of Demeter, the story of Dracula's coffin as it travels from Transylvania to England. The ship that was carrying the coffin arrived with no survivors, so presumably the corpse of the undead manages to cause some trouble at sea. Ben Kingsley is also attached to the film, though the lead actor has yet to be cast. Stefan Ruzowitzky, who directed the German Oscar-winner The Counterfeiters, is on board to handle this one.

The Times article also mentions that Rapace has been in talks for the Alien prequel (which we already knew) and Mission: Impossible 4, which is bizarre mainly because her Girl WIth the Dragon Tattoo co-star Michael Nyqvist has already signed on as one of the film's villain. Are they trying to stage a reunion here, or is Rapace just rumored for this the way she has been for seemingly everything lately? What we know for certain is that we're going to be seeing a lot, lot more of this actress soon, and it might take some time to be able to recognize her outside of the Lisbeth makeup and piercings.

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